The Conscious Lotus
The Conscious Lotus
Zara Bowen

Welcome to The Conscious Lotus

A Safe Space To Be Yourself, Meet People With Similar Worldviews & Manifest Your Dream Life


Zara (Creator of The Conscious Lotus) is an energy healer who’s here to help you be the hero of your own story by showing you how to Consciously Reclaim your Confidence, your Magic and your Purpose. She is the creator of the Chakra Magick Oracle Deck and enjoys running her online Crystal Shop when she’s not facilitating Energy Healing Programs. One of her goals is to make healing accessible to everyone by creating communities that are welcoming and safe for people of all pronouns and paths of life.

Why You Should Join

Let's start an amazing community together where we can uplift each other and befriend people with similar world views... you'll fit in perfectly if you are any of the following :

Want to be Surrounded by an Uplifting, Encouraging Community that has Your Best Interest at Heart

Deconstructing from Christianity or Religious Trauma

Witchy/Spiritual/Pagan etc

Part of the LGBTQ+ Community

Want to Heal and Grow Into Your Highest Self


Come hang out!!! 

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